Plant pigmentation

Our products are made from high-quality living ingredients, among which plant pigments stand out for the protection and magnificent benefits they provide to the skin! These pigments are extracted from fresh fruits and vegetables from our region that are in perfect condition, but would otherwise be wasted due to slight cosmetic imperfections or batch surplus.
Vegetable pigment

Beta-carotenes are plant pigments present in carrots which energize the skin, improve its resistance to aggressions and promote cell renewal. They are purifying, they improve the complexion, they protect the epidermis from free radicals, particularly UV rays, they reduce marks and boost collagen.

Chlorophylls are the plant pigments present in spinach which allow the skin to fight against free radicals partly responsible for skin aging. They help correct wrinkles and improve skin elasticity by boosting collagen production and radiance in the skin.

Vegetable pigment

Flavonoids are the plant pigments found in cocoa that help regulate cellular activity and fight free radicals that cause oxidative stress. They are powerful regenerative active ingredients. They act against skin aging and support cell renewal.

Betalains are plant pigments present in beets, they have moisturizing, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties which help to neutralize the action of free radicals and delay cellular aging. They are able to calm inflammation around pimples, control sebum secretion and erase scars.